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Production of annealed copper wire without annealer

Revolutionary rolling mill has been introduced on the market of wire production equipment. It allows to produce 2mm soft copper wire from 8 mm rod at speeds of conventional RBD machines avoiding annealing process.

Microrolling - eng.jpg

The concept design of new process is based on the use of the rolling power to
increase the temperature of the wire while being rolled so that it exits at a temperature which is
above the recrystallization temperature. The costly power usage for the re-heating in the
annealer is totally avoided.

Main advantages:
- No annealer is needed
- Compact machine - 5 m length
- No copper dust
- Production speed for 2 mm wire is 27 m/s
- Quick start; feed of rod and acceleration up to work speed takes less than 6 s; emergency stop deceleration takes less than 3s
- Max. power consumption is 35 kWh per rolling stand

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