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TuWiCa (Tube Wire CAble) unites specialists in the field of machinery supplies for cable, wire, tube and similar products manufacturing in the Russian market.     These web site is structured in the form of a catalogue with different machines and solutions for the audience of experts, who are searching for techonologies and machinery for their production needs.

We successfully cooperate with a number of European machine manufacturers since many years.

In our catalogue you can find solutions, already implemented in the factories of our customers.  Nevertheless we are presenting research and innovative projects, which are being designed or manufactured right now.

The catalogue includes a wide range of chapters - starting from some auxiliary machines up to complete production plants, including multiple production stages.

We are not strictly linked to specific brand names. First of all we are promoting our experience, knowledge and possibilities to assist the customers in equipment selection and supply.

TuWiCa is not a usual trading company, working on the "buy-and-sell" basis.  We are primarily interested in the selection of proper solution for our customers working in close contact with the machine manufacturer and we suppose that we can help Russian enterprises in following key business procedures: 

  • selection of supplier for your needs: optimal technical performances, quality level, reliability and price; 
  • selection of contractual and logistic chain - minimum price and risk with maximum efficiency and reliability;
  • advising the consumer regarding the financial risks, European legislation in foreign economic activities.

If you are interested in cooperation please check the following link.

We thank you for visiting our web site and will be glad to get in touch with you!